Narodowe Czytanie/National Reading


GOK cooperating with the Primary School in Wyszatyce, joined in the nationwide National Reading campaign. Created for the occasion, the scenery of the show hall, the presentation of the exhibition "Roads to Independence" and selected fragments from the novella Przedwiośnie Stefan Żeromski, introduced listeners to the atmosphere of the years just before Poland regained its independence. The Municipal Cultural Center provided photorelation from this event.*

*automatic translation


The first cultural event organized by the Communal Cultural Center was, in cooperation with the Żurawica Commune Office, the grand opening of the People's House in Wyszatycy, after renovation. The program of the event allowed the audience and groups of singers operating in the Żurawica commune to present themselves on the stage, such as: Youth instrumental-vocal ensemble from Żurawica, Singing Group from Wyszatyc "Wyszatyczanie" and Youth Singing Group from Wyszatyc.


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